Work Experience:  Jerry W. Redmond


1981- 1986 US Armed Forces (Krypto Intelligence) Personnel Management, Public Relation Officer, and Personnel Officer Abrams Complex in Frankfurt, Germany


1986 - 1988 Employed with Lairco Business Services, Frankfurt Germany - support and organization for large international companies setting up offices in Germany.


1989 - 1990 Employed with Trans World Airlines (TWA) Frankfurt Germany - Ground Operation and Public Relations Agent.


1990 - 2001 Employed with MB-Design GmbH & Co KG, Witzenhausen Germany - CEO heading a 40 man workforce of sign making professional, my responsibilities were management at every level, including sales seminars, product development, and marketing.


2002 - Owner of the company JR-Folientechnik e.K., Kassel

assisting companies working in the Automotive Industry in the area of product placement, aftermarket sales, point of sales promotions, and car protection solutions. My company also works internationally with other sign making professionals in Sweden, Holland, UK, Denmark, Norway, and Switzerland.


2012 - Owner of the company English4You - Kassel the perfect city, for launching this new and exciting venture, being in the heart of Germany, many companies are moving into the area and bringing with them an international flare to our city. There is a need to speak English well in all areas of the marketplace. 


2013 - Lecturer agreement with iba University of Cooperative Education in Kassel as an English Consultant for Business English and Intercultural Business Communication.


2017 - Published first book with AuthorHouse UK - The Key To Successful Human Interaction Is Knowing Your Color!


2018 - Business Development Consultant - Assisting companies in the Kassel area to develop international partnerships around Europe, Africa, and the USA.





Jerry W. Redmond

Hermann-Mattern-Str. 10
34134 Kassel


Telephone Numbers:

+49 (0) 561 50378838

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