English4You - International Language Program:

The ability to communicate effectively is necessary for all types of relationships. How much more so, when using a language other than your native tongue. Students will receive instructions in public speaking and effective Business English. We will discuss how to work in an international business environment.  The goal is to help you progress and speak more confidently in English.




To review important elements of good business writing in English, especially for letters, emails, meetings, presentations, telephoning, and business etiquette.


Course Topics:


Small talk, business conversation, negotiations, horizontal bargaining, brainstorming with customers, thinking around and outside the box, reject offers, leaving the door open, providing alternative offers, making new proposals, disagreeing in a polite way, international business calls, and much more! 


For International, Consulting Services visit our website: www.redmondconsultants.com


We also offer ONLINE TRAINING using  MS- Teams, ZOOM, or Google Meet VIDEO CONFERENCE SERVICES (VIT) or (PIT) training is also available.


Our Instructors also can assist you in the following languages as well: Amharic, Brazilian Portuguese, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swahili, and Tigrinya.



Let's get started!


Jerry W. Redmond

Hermann-Mattern-Str. 10
34134 Kassel


Telephone Numbers:

+49 (0) 561 50378838

+49 (0)170 5504998

Email: info@english4you-kassel.de


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