Managing international meetings:


In today's globalized marketplace, many companies have adopted English as their official language of communication. Therefore, these multinational companies increasingly conduct all of their business meetings in English, regardless of whether a native English speaker is present or not.


What is a business meeting?


A business meeting can take a variety of forms.


- A meeting to simply communicate management decisions to the company.

- A meeting to brainstorm new ideas.

- A meeting to kick off new projects.

- A meeting to make specific business decisions, and allocate follow-up action.

- A project progress business meeting.

- An emergency crisis business meeting.


Of course, there are no doubt, many more types of business meetings than the above mentioned.


What challenges do international business meetings present?


Different nationalities have very different expectations about what happens in a business meeting. For some, the meeting is not the place in which the real decisions are made, it is more of an open discussion forum, which may well open up ideas and issues not taken into account in the agenda.


For others, the meeting should have a very strict agenda which should be adhered to; concrete decisions, and action points should be agreed upon within the time allotted. Certain nationalities are more likely to expect the meeting to be led by a very strong leader, who will invite participants to speak and maintain tight control over turn-taking.


Others consider the meeting to be more of a free-for-all situation, where turn-taking and interruption are more open, and leadership is less obvious.


The nationality of a parent company can have a great influence on the corporate behavior of the employees of a foreign subsidiary, who might otherwise have very different expectations of a meeting. The employees of a Chinese subsidiary of a German company are likely to conduct meetings in quite a different way to German employees of a German-owned company, for example.


So, combine all these factors with a meeting conducted in the mother tongue of possibly only a small percentage of participants, and the likelihood of an international business meeting being relatively ineffective is fairly high, unless it is managed very carefully.


I offer a course on: Managing international meetings that address these vital points:


Particular difficulties of the international business meeting for non-native speakers (B1-B2) participants.


Regular complaints from business English language students


Impact on international business


A few tips for successful international meetings



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