Language Courses for Private and Professional students.

German Courses for Amharic and Tigrinya Speakers:


A1 - C2 level Students (private and business)



Freweini Redmond


18 years of "Hands on Experience" living and working in Germany with refugee's from around the world, helping them to adjust to a new language and culture while living in Munich and Kassel Germany.


Home Town:  Asmara, Eritrea


Spoken Languages: Tigrinya (Native Speaker) Amharic (C2) English (C1) German (B2) Italian (A2)





English Courses for:


A1 - C2 level Students (private and business)


Instructor /Consultant

Jerry Wayne Redmond


32 year of "Hands-on Experience" in an International Business Culture

Teaching / Training Public Speakers for more than 10 years in English while living in Frankfurt and Kassel Germany.



Home Town:  Greenville, North Carolina USA


Spoken Languages: English (Native Speaker) German (C2) Spanish (A2)

Amharic (A1) and Tigrinya (A2)



Jerry W. Redmond

Hermann-Mattern-Str. 10
34134 Kassel


Telephone Numbers:

+49 (0) 561 50378838

+49 (0)170 5504998



Please use our Contact Sheet:



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