Business English - What is the difference to general English?

Business English courses are different. They are specially designed for professional people who need to improve their language and communication skills for the work where English is used as the common language.


Business English courses use the techniques of management training in addition to English language training. 


Classes can be "small groups" with other mature professional people, or one-to-one sessions for those with specific needs and requirements for their place of work.



What topics could be covered in your course?


Specific Language Skills


Meetings skills, presentations, telephoning, negotiating, socializing, decision making, notes, and messages, the point of sales, problems, and difficulties in international markets.


Communication Skills


Listening skills, fluency, pronunciation, intonation, vocabulary building, idiomatic and colloquial jargon used in today's global marketplace.


Public Speaking Skills


Accurate reading, words clearly spoken, fluent delivery, appropriate pausing, suitable volume, gestures and facial expressions, visual contact, naturalness, and poise.


Business and Social Etiquette


Small talk, business conversation, politeness, business dinners, and body language.


Course:   1 or 2 Day Seminar

                8 / 16 Unit


Place:      In-house Training or Virtual Meetings


Class:      Max 4 - 8 Students


Level:      A2 - C2


Price:       (see pricing)


Booking:   via email



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