International Automobile Sales - English


This course is designed to help salesmen and saleswomen to improve the quality of their sales presentations when speaking in English.  In this growing international market, the need to speak effectively in English is ever-present and can present a challenge to those who acausally use English in the workplace.


Some highlights of the course:


- Tips for selling more cars to English speaking customers.


- English terms used by Car Salespersons!


- Product knowledge / Words in English


- Dealership Management and the Sales Department


- Being a Top Car salesman starts in your Head!


- 10 Things every car salesperson should know when selling to English speakers!


Let's talk about the engines, exhausts, fog lights, air filters, catalytic converters, gears, throttles, fuel tanks, tail lights, transmissions, hoods, bumpers, doors, windows, sun shades, speakers, decals, hitching balls, and other accessories.


Course:      10 Units


Place:        In-house training or Virtual Meetings


Level:        A1 - C2


Booking:   via email


Special Offer Car Dealership:  (see pricing)






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