English is more than a language - It's a communication tool for modern businesses!

What can you expect from my training program?


- A high standard of professionalism in the trainer, training methods, and the training environment.


- The benefit of many years of experience working in multi-national business culture.


- A wide choice of topics to choose from, and the most flexible ways of learning, one on one, or in group discussions with other professionals like yourself.


- A personalized and tailor-made training program based on your individual needs.


- In-house training sessions that meet your organizational needs in this international marketplace.


Required Language Skill for students:  A1 - C2 (see chart below)


European Language Skills Level Chart:



A0 - You have no knowledge of the English language

A1 - You understand simple questions and can answer them

A2 - You can join in with an everyday conversation

B1 - You can read and write simple sentences

B2 - You are able to make your point-of-view clear in a discussion

C1 - You can write essays and read newspapers, and other literature

C2 - You are a fluent speaker and understand English idioms




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Email: info@english4you-kassel.de


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